• Janna


    VP Investment Management at Rocket Internet

  • Roberto Valerio

    Roberto Valerio

    Generation C64. Building teams and sometimes companies. https://roberto.valerio.de

  • Rob


  • Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    The only bank that provides a universal basic income. Creating a better system for the many, not the few. Join our movement. Challenge the status quo.

  • Maik Dokter

    Maik Dokter

  • Manny Soar

    Manny Soar

    Insurance, Online, InsurTech

  • Kenzie & Lilly

    Kenzie & Lilly

    Co-Founders of maro parents; you can reach us at www.meetmaro.com

  • Colin Schlüter

    Colin Schlüter

    web developer, ruby/rails, currently working on sofatutor.com

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