Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Mambu

“Mambu literally provided development aid.”

Sustainability as Challenge in the Venture Capital Ecosystem

Sustainability across the value chain - Startup KOIO offers luxury leather sneakers handcrafted in Italy

SoSafe founders Lukas Schaefer, Niklas Hellemann, Felix Schürholz (image source: SoSafe)

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Etsy

The story of ‘accidental business person’ Rob Kalin — and his anti-capitalist vision of doing good for makers.

“Photo by Alex Woods on Unsplash

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | audibene

Adapting hearing aids online was considered impossible until audibene proved otherwise

Backing Entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Clio

How LegalTech Clio transformed the practice of law, for good

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Linas Matkasse

LinasMatkasse-founders, the Swedish siblings Lina Gebäck and Niklas Aronsson, about the inspiration, first steps and personal challenges on their way to scale a family business internationally

LinasMatkasse’s founders, the siblings Lina Gebäck & Niklas Aronsson (image source LinasMatkasse)

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | momox

A startup story written by an unconventional entrepreneur and driven by the conscious consumer

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | MyTheresa

How a Power Couple from Munich Built the World’s Largest Online Retailer of High-End Fashion

Bettina Engert

Shaped @FlixBus’ story from startup to corporate in Europe/US. Writing about entrepreneurship and tech-enabled business models, ready to scale & built to last.

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