Sustainability as Challenge in the Venture Capital Ecosystem

Sustainability across the value chain - Startup offers luxury leather sneakers handcrafted in Italy

Facing the rise of the conscious consumer, sustainability as a global movement is heavily impacting the strategy of large corporations. The urge to be green as well as ethical is also a significant driver of innovation in the startup world.

But what defines true sustainability? What creates a difference between…

German cyber security awareness startup from Cologne secures seven-digit funding from Acton Capital and GFC

SoSafe founders Lukas Schaefer, Niklas Hellemann, Felix Schürholz (image source: )
  • Seven times more phishing attacks since February 2020 — Corona crisis and remote work increase security risks for companies
  • Focus on the human factor: expects corporate customers with over 350,000 end users and quadrupling…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | momox

A startup story written by an unconventional entrepreneur and driven by the conscious consumer

All products deserve a second life — that’s the principle of the circular economy. Berlin-based re-commerce pioneer has turned trading pre-loved media items into a successful business. By offering fast and easy handling to sell and purchase pre-owned goods, momox and its online-shops and tap a billion-dollar…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Etsy

The story of ‘accidental business person’ Rob Kalin — and his anti-capitalist vision of doing good for makers.

“Photo by on

With its focus on unique and bespoke items, found its creative niche next to Amazon and eBay. Annually, merchandise and Etsy was.

But the commercial success story of Etsy…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Mambu

“Mambu literally provided development aid.”

Thanks to smart fintech startups, a new banking era is in full swing. While consumers were demanding agile solutions, the sector has suffered from notoriously poor customer experience and major incumbents had been slow to adapt. That’s where came into play: by offering a lean, cloud-based core-banking solution for…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | audibene

Adapting hearing aids online was considered impossible until audibene proved otherwise

Although nearly 500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, selling and adapting hearing aids online was considered impossible. audibene founders and successfully proved the opposite — by carefully listening to their customers. Pioneering in a mostly offline market, was the first online provider of…

Backing Entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Clio

How LegalTech Clio transformed the practice of law, for good

Some sectors adopt faster than others. However, this doesn’t mean there is no latent demand for innovation among the slow adopters. Take lawyers for example: while they might be hesitant to adopt cutting-edge technology, they gladly embrace a simple, yet groundbreaking solution to minimize the administrative burdens of their practice…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | Linas Matkasse

-founders, the Swedish siblings Lina Gebäck and Niklas Aronsson, about the inspiration, first steps and personal challenges on their way to scale a family business internationally

LinasMatkasse’s founders, the siblings Lina Gebäck & Niklas Aronsson (image source )

What should we eat for dinner? By providing a tasty answer to that question, two siblings have made many people’s lives a whole lot easier. Since Lina Gebäck and founded LinasMatkasse in 2008, the Swedish company has successfully revolutionized the food retail sector — and in the process…

Backing entrepreneurship | since 1999 | MyTheresa

How a Power Couple from Munich Built the World’s Largest Online Retailer of High-End Fashion

When Susanne and Christoph Botschen founded MyTheresa in 2006, it was little more than the online version of their luxury womenswear store Theresa. That very brick-and-mortar shop is now called and is little more than the offline version of the online luxury boutique that is today. …

Bettina Engert

Shaped @FlixBus’ story from startup to corporate in Europe/US. Writing about entrepreneurship and tech-enabled business models, ready to scale & built to last.

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