The story of ‘accidental business person’ Rob Kalin — and his anti-capitalist vision of doing good for makers.

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“Photo by Alex Woods on Unsplash

With its focus on unique and bespoke items, Etsy found its creative niche next to Amazon and eBay. Annually, merchandise worth more than $5 billion changes hands and Etsy was just added to the exclusive club of companies in the S&P 500 Index.

But the commercial success story of Etsy is that of Rob Kalin, the company’s eccentric founder and his idealistic approach to make commerce more human.

Although he stepped down twice from his role as CEO, without his pioneering vision, dedication, and unorthodox business approach the company would have never become what it is today: the leading global peer-to-peer marketplace for craft, vintage, and artisan goods. …


Bettina Engert

Shaped @FlixBus’ story from startup to corporate in Europe/US. Now writing for @ActonCapital about tech-enabled business models, ready to scale & built to last.

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